Pumpkin Shipments are Down from Many Regions

Pumpkin Shipments are Down from Many Regions

015Heavy rains should keep pumpkin shipments lighter than usual around much of the country heading into Halloween (October 31st).

For example, Mike Pirrone Produce Inc., based in Capac, MI expects just 300 loads of pumpkins to be shipped this year  This would be down from the 500 loads of pumpkins normally shipped.

West Texas pumpkin shippers have a similar story.  If the prediction of 50 percent fewer shipments this season holds, it would be the lowest production in 20 years.

At Lusk Onion Co. of Clovis, N.M., average shipments are expected, but the product is maturing in smaller sizes than usual.  The overall crop is being described as pretty average in volume, but the size is a little smaller.

There also have reports of pumpkin shippers in Indiana being particularly hit hard due to excessive spring rains.

Both North Carolina and South Carolina have taken hits in production thanks to Hurricane Joaquin and it’s drenching rains.

It’s difficult getting any current national production, or shipping numbers for pumpkins since about 40 states grow and ship the item, but mostly on a local and regional basis.