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California Pear Shipments Expected to be Down this Season

California pear growers began harvest in the River growing district this week with bartlett and red bartlett being the first varieties to be picked this year. Harvest in the River District will be followed in early August with Mendocino district starting harvest on Aug. 5 and Lake County district starting on Aug. 12. In comparison to last year’s crop, bartletts are expected to see an 18% decrease in production, while other pear varieties are projected to be down by 16%, ...

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Rabobank: After 4 Years of Inflation Fatigue, Consumers Pull Back on Spending

During the past four years inflation has battered consumers, and a Rabobank analysis says U.S. consumers have finally hit the wall.In a report on the cost of a Fourth of July barbecue, Rabobank analysts said consumers are trading down and eating out less often in response to long-running inflation.“The consumer is waving the white flag on food inflation,” Tom Bailey, senior consumer foods analyst at Rabobank, said in a news release. “With an added 2% in price hikes in ...

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Where Is My Load? The Rise and Requirement of End-to-End Tracking

By Jake Diana ALC San FranciscoThe vast majority of individuals, both here in the U.S. and worldwide, have come to expect the seemingly guaranteed step-by-step updates that large distributors provide with each and every order submitted. So much so that it often feels like the end of the world when we don’t have that fresh “out for delivery” update on the day of projected receipt. In a world where everyone prefers to be as up-to-date as possible, it makes perfect ...

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Oceanside Pole Tomato Shipments are Underway

Oceanside, CA -- As the only pole-grown tomato operation west of the Mississippi, Oceanside Pole’s premium tomatoes started the week of June 24. The vine-ripe tomatoes are produced on a 700-acre farm in California and an additional 160 acres in Mexico. Product is exclusively marketed by Oppy.Favorable weather conditions and an excellent season outlook set the expectation for 2.1 million cases of rounds and 1.2 million romas. The unique growing method raises the tomatoes off the ground to improve airflow ...

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Summer Fruit and Vegetable Shipments from the Carolinas are Looking Good

The South Carolina Specialty Crop Growers Association reports it has been a favorable beginning to the season in South Carolina.Unlike recent seasons, blueberries and peaches have not been hit with late freezes. The result has been increased volume and better quality.South Carolina growers are hit a peak in the strawberry season nearly a month ago, and blueberries and blackberries followedsuit.Peach shipments have ramped entering the summer months alongside other summer crops like peppers, watermelon and squash.In North Carolina ...

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43% of Truckloads Moved Less than Half Full in 2023, Study Reveals

Flock Freight and Drive Research has released a study revealing 43% of truckloads in 2023 moved partially empty, with an average of 29 linear feet of unused deck space.The inefficiency equates to 1 in 4 truckloads moving empty, representing a significant economic and environmental concern.Called “Wasted Space, Wasted Dollars: The Economic Impact of Inefficient Freight,” the study examines the costs associated with underutilized truckload space and the inefficiencies of less-than-truckload shipping, according to a news release. It surveyed 1,000 transportation ...

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West Coast Heat Wave Affecting Lettuce, Vegetable Quality

(The following press release was issued July 9 by Markon of Salinas, CA. Lettuce and vegetable haulers are urged to use caution in loading to help reduce chances of claims at destination, by working closely with your brokers and receivers.)Much of the West Coast, including California’s Salinas and Santa Maria Valleys, have been experiencing an extended heat spike over the past week with temperatures ranging from the 70°s to 80°s near the coast to as high as 110° in the ...

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Ohio Vegetable Loadings are Underway with Good Volume

Good-quality Ohio vegetables are being predicted thanks to good weather and timely rains, which had vegetable shipments starting right on time at the end of June, according to growers and shippers.Buurma Farms Inc. of Willard, OH notes there has good growing weather and rains.The grower/shipper grows about 35 commodities, including radishes, greens, green onions, several kinds of lettuce items, beets, cucumbers and green and yellow squash.Because of volume and the number of different veggies grown, the company notes it results ...

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  • 09 Jul 2024
    Examining Whether Eating Berries Reduces the Effects of Stress

    More consumption of berries has been associated with reduced stress indicators, according to a study by Penn State University. Published in the journal Nutrients, the research looked at the link between berry consumption and the allostatic load in U.S. adults. According to the research ...

  • 27 Jun 2024
    Research Reveals Orange Peel Extract Can Improve Heart Health

    Recent studies reveal that orange peel extracts may help combat cardiovascular disease, offering a new use for this often-wasted citrus byproduct. According to the American Heart Association, of Hispanic adults over 20 in the United States from 2015 to 2018, 52.3% of men and 42.7% of women had ...

  • 18 Jun 2024
    Cantaloupe Burger is Created by New York Chef

    Last month the California Cantaloupe Advisory Board (CCAB) introduced an exciting new concept for a meatless burger to attendees at the International Fresh Produce Association/Foundation for Fresh Produce (FFP) Consumer Connection Conference in Dinuba, CA. “What better place to roll out our new ...


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