HaulProduce.com has a purpose of providing helpful and insightful information first of all to the professionals who haul nearly 100 percent of the nation’s fresh fruits and vegetables to destinations all over the United States, Canada, and now Mexico.  Since most produce truckers also haul many other types of freight you will find news and features which affect, and are of interest to truckers in general.  There are other features here as well since truckers, as virtually all other Americans, can use “shopping tips” to buy fresh produce at retail stores.  Finally, you will find a You Tube feature where you are introduced to the New Tulsa Sound, found in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is a hotbed for talented musicians creating their own music.

Yet, the heart of HaulProduce.com is the produce trucking reports providing information ranging from when shipping areas become active, to when these areas may have shipping gaps, to information relating to volume and quality of produce available for hauling.  When produce rates are listed they are based upon being straight loads in 48-foot refrigerated trailers.    Rates can also vary on a day-to-day, if not hourly basis, thus quoted rates are to give you a general idea of what is being paid.  You should add more to your freight rate when there are multiple pickups and drops, brokerage fees, gate fees, unloading charges and possible other expenses that affect your bottom line.

As HaulProduce.com grows and evolves, look for new features on this site.  Wishing you safe travels and profitable hauls.