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Imported Produce at U.S. Ports is Increasing

Imported produce is relatively light, but is increasing as we advance further into fall.  Full tilt will come during the winter months and continue until the North American spring starts coming into view.  The vast majority of arrivals will be by boat at various U.S. ports. Among the heaviest volumes right now are Mexican limes and lemons, crossing the border primarily through South Texas.  Both are increasing in volume with limes averaging about 500 truck loads weekly, and lemons about half this ...

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Disney & Dole to Launch New Co-Branded Produce

GLENDALE, Calif. — Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media (DCPI) and Dole Food Company recently announced plans to launch a new co-branded assortment of fresh produce featuring iconic Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel characters at grocery and retail stores nationwide beginning this fall. The announcement comes ahead of the 2016 Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Fresh Summit Convention and Expo that took place October 14-16 in Orlando, FL. “Disney and Dole have a shared mission of providing high quality produce to help ...

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Western Produce Shipments are in Fall Mode

Western produce shipments out of California, Washington and Arizona are making their typical fall season moves. We are about a month into the fall produce shipping season and it is very much still in a transitional period for fresh fruit and vegetable shipments.  Some items are increasing in volume, others are in a seasonal decrease, yet we have some products that are a few weeks, if not months away from changes - meanwhile remaining in a fairly steady amount of shipments ...

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Cherishing Memories of a Lifetime

By Larry Oscar As we all get older we have something to enjoy that all the young folks will just have to be patient to acquire….memories. Memories are something that takes a lifetime to acquire.  And in some cases they take a lifetime also to understand.  Nothing in life is free, and this applies to memories just like everything else.  You pay a price for the good and the bad ones. Funny thing, when you get old you can often look back ...

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Fewer National Citrus Shipments Seen This Season

Fewer total U.S. citrus shipments are seen this season from the leading states of Florida, California and Texas. Florida's first forecast for citrus shipments reveals a continued decline across all varieties with grapefruit and navel oranges expected to be among the lowest levels in history.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture on October 12th forecast Florida to ship 81 million equivalent cartons of oranges, grapefruit and specialty fruit or tangerines, down from 94.1 million boxes last season. The Sunshine state is expected to move 70 ...

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Hurricane Clobbers North Carolina Sweet Potatoes

Produce trucking sweet potato loads could be affected significantly for the 2016-17 shipping season due to damage caused by Hurricane Matthew.   Loading opportunities this fall for Florida, Georgia and South Carolina will be impacted much less, although volume from these three states is limited this time of year. Southeast produce growers are estimating damage from Hurricane Matthew which hugged coastal Florida and Georgia before slamming into South Carolina and North Carolina, where it flooded fields and caused evacuations North Carolina Sweet Potato ...

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Two Tasty New Berries from USDA Developed

by Sharon Durham, USDA AgResearch Magazine Up until the early 1900s, blueberries were picked from the wild, and the bushes of the berries often did not survive when transplanted elsewhere. True domestication-involving propagation of the plant by the grower and plant breeding to improve desirable traits-was beyond reach until 1910. That's when USDA botanist Frederick Coville discovered that blueberry bushes require moist, acidic soil to thrive. In 1916, exactly a century ago, the first commercial cultivated crop of highbush blueberries was ...

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Port Tampa Expansion; Pistachio Ad Campaign

Expansion plans for Port Tampa are announced, plus a huge expansion in advertising plans are announced for Wonderful Pistachios. Port Tampa Port Logistics Refrigerated Services has started construction of a cold storage facility at Port Tampa Bay.  Based in Tampa, Port Logistics’ 134,000-square-foot on-dock warehouse is scheduled to open in the summer of 2017 The cold storage will have over 9,000 pallet positions, 96 refrigerated container plugs, a Gottwald mobile harbor crane and onsite USDA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspection, as well as ...

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  • 20 Sep 2016
    U.S. Produce Consumption Decline Continues

    Despite Federal nutrition guidance, food industry promotional campaigns, and encouragement from parents to “Eat your vegetables,” Americans’ consumption of fruits and, especially, vegetables has declined.

  • 30 Aug 2016
    Fresh Pear Consumption May Improve Blood Pressure

    Fresh pear (Pyrus communis) consumption may improve blood pressure in middle-aged men and women with metabolic syndrome

  • 18 Aug 2016
    10 Reasons to Check out Broccoli Rabe

    Our (Andy Boy) Nutrition Expert, Keri Glassman, is one of America’s foremost registered dietitians. She brings with her a wealth of nutritional knowledge, as well as an appreciation for foods that people love.


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