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Peruvian Exports of Grapes Projected to be Down 9% this Season

The Peruvian Producers and Exporters Association (Provid) forecasts a 9 percent decline in grape exports for the 2023-24 season. If the prediction holds this would amount to about 65 million 18-pound boxes.As of November 1, Peru had exported 14 million boxes, about 28% of the total projection. Some 38 percent of Peruvian grapes are exported to the U.S.Provid blames most of the decline on adverse weather including El Niño Costero, resulting in heavy rains and flooding in Peru’s ...

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Chile is a top provider of blueberries to the U.S.

Chilean blueberries imported by the U.S. totaled 45,982 metric tons in 2022, up from 42,458 metric tons in 2021 and up from 42,608 metric tons in 2020, according to the USDA.U.S. imports of Chilean blueberries in 2020 were reported from August through April, with peak supplies in January and February.The value of U.S. imports of Chilean blueberries totaled $4,605 per metric ton in 2022, down slightly from $4,675 per metric ton in 2021 but up from $4,533 per metric ton ...

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Vegetable Grower/Shipper Live Oak Farms to Import Bell Peppers from Mexico

Starting in November, Live Oak Farms of Le Grand, CA began importing product from its farming operations in Mexico to help complete a 52-week cycle of availability on green and red bell peppers, according to a news release.“The message has been loud and clear from both our retail and foodservice customers, we need you to be in the game year-round,” Damon Barkdull, vice president pepper sales for the fourth-generation grower-packer-shipper, said in the release. “We’re excited to begin this next ...

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84% of U.S. Pineapple Imports are Sourced from Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the primary exporter of fresh pineapple in the world, according to the Foreign Trade Promoter of Costa Rica (Procomer). Also, the United States is the main destination for the fruit.The National Chamber of Pineapple Producers and Exporters (CANAPEP) reports pineapple contributes 1.90% of the country's GDP, and about 34% of the country's agricultural exports.CANAPEP reflects U.S. per capita consumption of pineapple used to be low because most of the fruit that came from Mexico which ...

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Good Winter Vegetable Volume is Expected from the California Desert

rwpCalifornia’s desert regions shift into high gear with winter vegetable shipments as many other parts of the country go into the proverbial deep freeze.Imperial County grows more than 65 commodities, with head and leaf lettuces, broccoli, spinach and carrots among its primary crops. Likewise, Coachella Valley grows everything from cabbage to carrots to cauliflower.Due to mild temperatures in these Colorado Desert regions, along with Central Coast locations such as Salinas and Oxnard, produce haulers have loading opportunities throughout the ...

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South Texas Citrus Shipments Should be Similar to a Year Ago

Texas Citrus Mutual of Mission, TX reports fresh citrus shipments should be similar to last season.The trade association expects the industry expects to ship about 4.5 million cartons of grapefruit and 2 million cartons of oranges.South Texas citrus harvest began in October with peak loadings of Texas citrus typically running from November through March.Although the crop may be close last year, this is about 50% of a 20-year average. Growers are taking out older trees and planting younger trees. ...

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Presidential Thanksgiving proclamations and speeches have been popular throughout American history. Within the federal government, the tradition pre-dates the U.S. Constitution adopted in 1789, and was observed by the Continental Congress.President George Washington issued the first presidential Thanksgiving proclamation but that was not officially observed as a concurrent tradition by every president until Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of Thanksgiving to be observed on Thursday, November 26, 1863.Before Lincoln, Thanksgiving was generally promoted in government at the state level.President ...

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Pacific Trellis Fruit Expands Imported Stone Fruit Lineup

LOS ANGELES, CA – Pacific Trellis Fruit, a year-round grower, shipper, and marketer of premium fresh fruit, will be adding Donut Peaches and Extra Sweet nectarines this coming year to its successful inaugural offering of imported specialty plum varieties to create a full line of premium stone fruit during the Southern Hemisphere Season.The company is gearing up for the new arrivals from Chile with the Donut Peaches available in mid-December and Nectarines beginning in January. The company highlights four specialty and ...

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  • 09 Nov 2023
    Pom Wonderful Villainizes Free Radicals and Praises Antioxidants in Ad Campaign

    LOS ANGELES – POM Wonderful, the worldwide leader of California-grown pomegranates and the No. 1 pomegranate juice in North America, today launched its nationwide campaign, “Real Life is Scary: Protect Yourself With POM.” The campaign aims to empower consumers to fortify their defenses against ...

  • 26 Oct 2023
    Kroger Health Offering Medically Focused Meals with Full Veggie Servings

    As part of a food-as-medicine strategic initiative, Kroger Health, the healthcare division of Cincinnati-based The Kroger Co., is collaborating with Performance Kitchen to offer medically tailored meals (MTMs) aimed at improving consumers’ overall health and potentially saving the ...

  • 05 Oct 2023
    Mitigating the Psychological Hurdles for Long-Haul Carriers

    By Ken Cavallaro Jr., ALC Boston Pixar Animation Studios brought mental health to the big screen with its award-winning Inside Out, a movie highlighting the conflicting emotions humans face during major life events. These warring emotions can be especially difficult for truck drivers. Tasked ...


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