Guts, Determination and Restoring My Faith in America

By Larry Oscar

When hard economic times hit a nation it always seems to bring out the best and also the worst in people.  Anyone with a good job or business should stand
back and give thanks from time to time for the successes and also the lessons of life’s failures. For without success, there is no sense of accomplishment and without failure there is no sense of humility. For each of us to be a more complete human being we need to take ourselves to task from time to time.

Personal responsibility for our own lives is paramount.  I never cease to be amazed at how some people drop out of school, steal, get involved with drugs, slovenly go through life thinking society owes them something, and make constant demands for free handouts.  And others, who suffer real tragedy in their lives, always work hard to overcome their problems and manage a smile. Recently we have seen greedy union members demand more benefits for themselves in demonstrations and rallies throughout the nation. They yell, chant, and thrust signs in the air demanding higher wages and more social benefits. I suspect more will follow. They never promise an increase in their productivity to actually earn an increase in their wages. They don’t want to stand on their own two feet and be held accountable for their own skills and quality of their own work.  Instead they want some big union boss to make threats on companies who are trying to just survive in a stressful economy.

Our government educational system also reeks with these type of people.  The school systems have become a haven for slothful and greedy adults who do not want to be held accountable for their performance, and yet they demand that public school systems provide them with a guaranteed lifetime handout. Their attitude is “who cares about the children, I want a guaranteed lifetime job with a fat pension.”  They have no concern for their customers.  In fact, I wager that very few of them even know who their customer is.  They are pathetic human beings.

Then there are those who demonstrate, by their actions, the content of their good character. Recently I was in need of canvas winch covers for a boat. Nothing fancy, or very expensive, just a good quality product at a fair price would suffice.  I found some on an internet auction and ordered them.  The person who made them did a superb job, and also insisted that if the quality did not meet what I was looking for that my money would be refunded.  I was so impressed with the service and quality that I ordered more. A few months later I inquired if there was a website where I could order them from, and if other canvas products were available. This was her reply: “I can sew anything for a boat, I owned and operated a shop for 12 years called “Canvas and Sail.”  I even built sails and repaired them. I built the big glass enclosures on yachts. I did it all. Then one fall shattered it all and I have spent nine years, and several surgeries, getting strong enough to do it again.  I can’t do big, heavy jobs anymore, but stuff like wheel covers, sail repair, and the little stuff I can do.  I’m grateful for every job I get, and if it isn’t right I’ll make it again.  I’m still real disabled but love sailing, and sewing is how I take care of myself.  My husband died and I am alone, and we all have to eat, so I am so grateful for every job I get.  Thank you so much, I will always do my best for you at whatever you need made for your boat. I’ve made thousands of awnings too, and did all the coast guard stuff on their boats for years until I fell on a boat. Thanks a bunch.”

This is a true American.  She had obviously been successful in her life and business.  Then tragedy struck.  She is still recovering from it, and she is a determined soul.  She’s not only fighting to pay her own way in life, but she’s thankful for what she has, and she takes great personal pride in her work. She’s not asking for a handout.  She is taking personal responsibility for herself and earning her way through life.  Just when you think all Americans have turned into a bunch of whining beggars, along comes a true American who restores your faith in what this nation was originally founded on, guts and determination to succeed. We were founded by people who fought life’s tragedies and hardships and won.  We should help those who are willing to help themselves, and we should kick the others in their large oversized buttocks!  Oh, by the way, if your looking for some high quality canvas products for your boat, check out…