New Canadian Apple Variety Available in Vancouver and Kelowna

Vancouver, British Columbia – Apple lovers will have a new variety to sink their teeth into that is set to debut in select stores this fall.   It’s named the Salish™.

“This is a delicious example of government and industry working together to deliver new market opportunities to our farmers,” said MP Cannan. “When you taste the Salish™ apple, you are sampling the sweet rewards of many years of research and investments in innovation that will pay off for the farmers that grow this tasty achievement.”

The Salish™ is tangy, juicy and very crisp. It is medium-sized, with a pinkish red blush over a yellow background colour. The apple has characteristics that appeal not only to consumers, with its high quality appearance, texture and flavour, but also those that Canadian apple growers seek, such as its late harvest date, good storage and shelf life, high yields and good growth habits for high-density orchards.

“With already 15 orchardists committed to growing the Salish™, we look forward to having increased production year after year,” stated John Kingsmill, General Manager & CEO of PICO. “This delightful apple holds the promise of being one of the best.”


About the Salish™

The Salish™ is named for the Canadian Interior language of Thompson, Okanagan-Colville, and Shuswap.   AAFC researchers at the Pacific Agri-Food Centre (PARC) in Summerland led the Salish’s™ development and worked closely with the Okanagan Plant Improvement Corporation (PICO) to test it with growers.

The Salish™ consistently scored very well in formal sensory panels, thanks to its tangy, juicy flavour and crisp texture. In a joint project with AAFC’s breeding program and PICO, PARC’s sensory program ran additional consumer tests at the UBC Apple Festival. The Salish™ generated a lot of positive response, with festival goers returning to ask for it specifically. A few specialty stores in the Vancouver area have also created a loyal following for the apple.

Limited quantities of the Salish™ will be available for sale at select stores in Greater Vancouver and Kelowna this fall. (See list of retailers at

Apple Production in British Columbia

In 2011, BC produced about 24 percent of the apples grown in Canada and was the third largest producer after Ontario and Quebec. The total marketed production from BC in 2011 was 96,614 metric tons with a farm gate value of C$36.7 million. This represented about 26percent of the national farm gate value of apples in 2011 (Statistics Canada).

About 60percent of all planted land in BC orchards is planted with apple trees. Nearly 92 percent of the apple crop is sold fresh, with British Columbians consuming around 25% of the apples grown in BC.   The rest of the crop is processed, with apple juice being the most popular product.

Of the $14.4 million in fresh apples exported from BC, 74 percent went to the U.S.

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada