Apples Remain a Good Buy; Sweet Onions Coming

With four percent more apples remaining in U.S. storages nationally, the fruit should remain a good retail buy well into the summer months.  Washington state provides more apples than all other states combined, so naturally your choices will be more plentiful from the Northwest, especially if you live in the Western half of the country.  No surprise, the most common varieties of apples will be in greatest supply in your supermarket:  red delicious, gala and granny smith.  There should also be decent supplies of fuji and golden delilcious apples.

It’s almost time for domestic sweet onions.  Texas will be providing the first sweet onions in many retail stores, with arrivals by late March.  Expect sweet onions from Vidalia, GA to be availble in limited qualities in some stores by Easter (April 8), with plentiful supplies by mid-April.

Chilean red seedless grapes are reasonably priced now, and have a great sweet taste.  Berry size has improved from a few weeks ago.