Gauge Tuner Helps to Diagnose Problems

Bully Dog’s Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner (HDGT) and Heavy Duty WatchDog

(HDWD) put you right where you want to be: in control.

Do you dread the check engine light? It can put you behind schedule and cause you all kinds of financial problems. Bully Dog can relieve some of that stress by helping you diagnose the trouble code causing your check engine light yourself, with your HDGT or HDWD. No more waiting (or paying) to understand what your rig is trying to tell you or wondering if it’s something to worry about! After a quick read, it’s easy to make the call yourself or give your carrier the information they need to make an informed decision.

With Bully Dog the control is yours; don’t overlook this handy little feature of your HDGT or HDWD. Don’t have one yet? What’s with the waiting? Start saving time AND money today at

Press release provided by Bull Dog