Sensor Docking Station, Now for Heavy Duty

More exciting news from Bully Dog; the Sensor Docking Station Products (#40383, #40384 and #40387) have been incorporated into the Heavy Duty GT and Heavy Duty WatchDog. 

What does this mean?  In a nutshell you can easily add additional gauges that the OEM did not equip on your truck with your Heavy Duty WatchDog or Heavy Duty GT. 

What gauges are we talking about?  Pretty much the skies the limit – Boost, Pyrometer, Water, Tranny, Rear-end, Ambient Air, etc, etc.  If the gauge has a 5 volt sensor, it can be displayed digitally inside the cab.   Warning levels can be set on many of these gauges to warn you when max levels, that you have set, have been exceeded so you can take action to prevent damage to your rig. 

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