Outlook for Ontario Vegetable Shipments; New York Apples

Outlook for Ontario Vegetable Shipments; New York Apples

DSCN3925Despite a colder than normal spring, with more rain than usual, Ontario vegetable shippers for the most part appear to be starting their shipping season nearly on time, if only a week or so late.

Major vegetable shippers are located near such cities and towns as:  Bradford, Oakland, Scotland, Simcoe, Queensville and Wilsonville.

While there has been some light volume in June, the province of Ontario has its best volume starting in July and continuing into September.

Among the items that have started, or will be underway in the weeks ahead are dill cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, sweet corn, eggplant, peppers, okra, snow and snap peas, as well as potatoes.

Ontario vegetable shippers not only ship products to Canadian destinations, but also into the upper Midwest of the United States, as well as to a number of markets on the East Coast.

New York Apple Shipments

Last year, New York state had excellent apple shipments from a full crop, one of the largest crops in history.   In fact, last year’s fruit is still being shipped.  Now, the 2014-15 crop is being pegged in the 32 million to 34 million bushel range, which would mean another big shipping season.  More will be known in July.