A Round up Produce Shipments from Several Eastern States

A Round up Produce Shipments from Several Eastern States

DSCN4294You will find light to moderate shipments of produce from these states in the Eastern time zone:  Michigan, New York, the Appalachian states, and Florida.

Michigan Produce Shipments

Michigan is shipping primarily apples in moderate volume, with lesser amounts of  potatoes and onions.  The state is averaging about 250 truck loads of apples per week.  Potato and onion loadings are averaging only about 40 percent the volume of apples.  The majority of the shipments are from Western Michigan.

Michigan apples – grossing about $4100 to San Antonio.  Onions and potatoes grossing about 20 percent less.

New York Produce Shipments

New York apple shipments are averaging about 275 truck loads weekly, but are spread out from points ranging from the Hudson Valley to the Champlain Valley, as well as central and western New York.  The Empire state is loading around 150 truck loads of storage onions per week.  Orange County has the most shipments.  There is limited volume coming from Long Island.

New York apples – grossing about $4100 to Miami.

Appalachian Apple Shipments

There is light volume with apples coming out of portions of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Florida Produce Shipments

Florida strawberries shipments began in mid-November in a light way with much greater volume becoming available next week (December 8-12).    Shipments typically run through March.  There are about  11,000 acres of strawberries, with the vast majority of it grown within 25-30 miles of Plant City, FL.  (For more on Florida produce shipments, see our December 1st report).

Florida strawberries -grossing about $2400 to Chicago.