Chart-View Reusable Temperature Recorder

CargoDAtaCargo Data’s Boomerang 2 series combines the versatility of a reusable temperature recorder with the convenience of a built in high-graphic temperature chart display.

This unique temperature recorder is an ideal instrument for monitoring cold storage warehouses, refrigerated ocean containers, and reefer trucks/trailers.  The reusable nature of these instruments eliminates the need to repeatedly purchase single-use disposable temperature recorders.  Additionally, the complete temperature chart for the monitored period can be viewed immediately without the need to connect the instrument to a computer or reader.

Maximize Efficiency

Boomerang 2 can bring new efficiency to internal QA/Receiving/Food Safety operations.  The easy-to-read chart is viewable at any time during the monitoring session.  This unique feature enables quick scheduled temperature checks with the touch of a button.  Boomerang 2 can monitor temperature for up to 180 days continuously.  All temperature data can be easily downloaded and archived using Cargo Data’s free KoldLink desktop software.

Cargo Data Features:

• Saves temperature data from multiple monitoring sessions for future download/save/print
• Embedded unique serial number and cycle counter
• Can be manually reset unlimited times
• User selectable and customized ranges, LED alerts, and audible locating beeper
• Downloads directly to a computer using standard mini USB 2.0 cord
Free KoldLink desktop software provides chart viewing, management reports, online data archiving via UpLink, email data sharing, and data archiving

Boomerang2  supports use of external ambient air sensors and probes for monitoring internal product temperatures.  Purchase sensors here, and probes here.

• User replaceable battery (CR2450).  Approx. battery life: 6 months.