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Peaches Disappointing Thus Far

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Remember when Wal-Mart introduced produce departments to their stores a number of years ago.   They did an excellent job!  You can thank a guy named Bruce Peterson for that.  Anyway, Bruce left the huge chain a while back and Wal-Mart produce departments, at least in many stores, have went down hill.  My local Wal-Mart often has substandard produce, and definately not enough staff to keep the shelves stocked properly, not only in produce, but in the grocery and other departments as well.

Anyway, I just bought my first peaches of the season at my local Wal-Mart.  I purposely bought peaches from California, as well as – honestly I’m not sure where the 2nd peaches are from.  The shipper is based in South Carolina, but he may be selling some peaches for growers in Georgia.  The label didn’t say in which state the peaches were grown.

I would give the California peaches a “C” and the Eastern peaches a “C-minus.”  The West Coast peaches had excess juice, which really tasted more like water.  The East Coast peaches were seriously lacking in juice.  Peaches from both California and South Carolina, or is it Georgia, were dry.

Looking at the photograph I took of  a peach from California (on the right) and the East Coast peach (on the left), both have nice color, although both are lacking in size.  Just goes to show, as Bo Diddley once sang, you can’t always judge a book by looking at the cover.  Hopefully, both  coasts will have better peach quality in coming days.


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