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Great Lakes Apple Shipments Will be Hit

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Postmedia News is reporting a catastrophic freeze has wiped out about 80 per

cent of Ontario’s apple crop and has the province’s fruit industry looking at losses already estimated at more than $100 million.

“This is the worst disaster fruit growers have ever, ever experienced,” orchard owner Keith Wright said May 4.

“We’ve been here for generations and I’ve never heard of this happening before across the province. This is unheard of where all fruit growing areas in basically the Great Lakes area, in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York State, Ontario, are all basically wiped out. It’s unheard of,” the Harrow, Ont.-area grower said.

If apple shipments from the Great Lakes region falls by 80 percent there is bound to be more demand and brisk loadings of Washington state apples once the new season kicks off in July and August.

About 125 truckloads of Michigan apples are being shipped a week from storages and are grossing about $3200 to Dallas.


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