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Temperature Monitoring Rules are Coming

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The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Final Rule for Sanitary Transportation for Human and Animal Food  was released in late March 2016.
Industry leaders have been working with regulators to understand how enforcement will be approached.  The following points will most likely characterize regulatory enforcement:
1) Enforcement for of the Sanitary Transportation requirements will begin 12 months from release of the Final Rule for large firms.   This means enforcement will begin March 2017 for many large perishables handlers.  Enforcement for smaller firms will begin March 2018.
2) Inspectors will not generally be interested in reviewing reams (or gigabytes!) of data related to in-transit temperatures, product accept/reject reports, or other detailed information.  Instead:
3) Compliance will likely be considered satisfactory when subject firms can demonstrate they have developed and implemented systems which satisfy the requirements of FSMA.  
For example:  Since FSMA mandates that all authorized individuals in the supply chain (shippers, carriers, Receivers) must remove suspected adulterated or abused products from the supply chain, can each participant demonstrate its system supports such action?
Cargo Data recommends Lightning NFC as a vital element of your new FSMA compliance program.  The Lightning NFC system is designed specifically to provide each participant in the cold chain with immediate temperature data review and automatically archives the data to the Cloud.   Lightning NFC supports FSMA by making it easy to check cold chain integrity and to make informed decisions about product safety.
Lightning NFC temperature recorders can be ordered online.
Contact Cargo Data Corporation today to learn more about FSMA compliance and Lightning NFC at 800-338-8134 or .

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