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Diesel Prices Highest in Nearly a Year

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According to the Energy Information Administration, which is part of the Department of Energy, U.S. diesel fuel prices are continuing upward.

Truckers are now paying on average $4.051 cents per gallon for diesel fuel, which is 24 cents more per gallon than at the start of the New Year.   This is the highest fuel has been since the spring of 2011.

California, to no one’s surprise, has the highest diesel fuel prices, averaging $4.41 per gallon.  This is higher than the average for the West Coast, riding at $4.326 per gallon.  The average price on the East Coast is $4.134 per gallon.  The mid-west has the “cheapest” diesel fuel, averaging $3.914 per gallon.

At this time a year ago, the national average price per gallon for diesel was 33.5 cents per gallon less.

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