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Bully Dog adds Paccar to its supported engines

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Bully Dog is thrilled to announce that the Paccar MX® engine has been added to the group of engines that are available within Bully Dog’s Heavy Duty WatchDog and Heavy Duty GT.   Here is a testimonial from one of our customers about the benefits of using the HDGT on a truck with the Paccar engine.

“I bought my truck new.  It’s a T-660 with the 455 Paccar MX motor.  Right now it has 165,000 miles on it.  I pull a reefer from the Midwest to the East coast so we are loaded going both ways.  It’s pretty flat until you get to PA and get into those hills, but there are some good pulls.  Previously I had been running Cat C-15s so this was quite a letdown in performance.  The stupid thing gets 7.5 MPG so you have to figure if you want to put that money in your back pocket or be the first one to the top of the hill.

Before installing the HDGT, the truck wouldn’t get out of its own way.  Now that I installed the Bully Dog, it’s a lot more aggressive.  When you call for power it’s there.  I would say it’s a 90% improvement over what I had, because you always want more horsepower.  The truck is what I would call snotty.  It has an attitude that was completely missing before and it doesn’t quit on you anytime it sees a hill. It has been a big improvement in performance and I would recommend the HDGT to drivers that are using the Paccar motor.”
Jeff, South Dakota

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