Westside Melon Shipments Expected to Increase this Season

Westside Melon Shipments Expected to Increase this Season

California’s Westside melon season should get underway by early July, right on schedule, and growers expect ample supplies of melons this summer.

Cantaloupe volume should reach 14 million 40-pound cartons, up from just over 13 million cartons last year, according to the California Cantaloupe Advisory Board of Dinuba, CA.

Del Mar Packing in Westley, Calif., has a full line of conventional and organic melons. This year, the company has added organic seedless and seeded watermelons.

Harvesting of conventional honeydew and cantaloupe melons will start first week of July for Del Mar Packing the company expects to be shipping nationwide through October.

Because of the large number of watermelon growers throughout the nation, the company concentrates on West Coast customers for its watermelon program.

Volume will be the same as last year for many items, but there will be added supplies of organic and conventional hami melons and a few more conventional honeydews at Del Mar Packing.

Classic Fruit Co. of Fresno, CA is in the second year of an alliance with Westside Produce of Firebaugh, CA.

The alliance provides the companies with more opportunities to supply fruit to customers on a year-round basis.

The two companies had worked together for more than 25 years before forming an official partnership. Now they have an integrated sales, growing, harvesting, crewing and shipping operation that combines Classic Fruit Co.’s offshore program and Westside’s operations.

The companies will transition from Yuma, AZ, and start shipping cantaloupes and honeydews from the Firebaugh area July 1.

Turlock Fruit Co. Inc. of Turlock, CA grows cantaloupes, honeydews and several kinds of mixed melons.

Cantaloupes are just starting with honeydews following the first week of July. Specialty melons should be underway by July 10.