Good Buys: Chilean Grapes, California Strawberries, Sweet Onions

There’s some really sweet, tasty late season grapes from Chile in your produce department now.  Enjoy them while they last, because the season for these imports are just about over…..Never fear though, grapes from Mexico should start arriving in your supermarkets within the next couple of weeks.  There also will be the first domestic grapes arriving, from the Coachella Valley near Palm Springs, CA.  Many retailers I’ve spoken with actually prefer the Mexican grapes over the Coachella grapes.  Keep in mind that a lot of the Mexican grapes are actually owned, or financially backed by grape growers from the U.S. — especially from California.

I’ve been a little disappointed overall with California strawberries thus far.  Some have been better than others, but overall, the quality could be better…..Of course, I have to qualify this since I shop at a small town Wal-Mart, with absolutely not competition.  Wal-Mart’s produce departments have really went down hill in the past several years.

You should be finding those wonderful sweet onions in your stores by now — especially those from Vidalia, GA.  Of course, Texas grows some pretty good sweet onions as well.