Northwest Cherry Shipments Ramping Up

Record shipments of highly perishables, but high rate paying cherries are getting underway from Washington state, along with apricots and onions, and joining the late season apples and pears.

Cherry loadings start in limited volume from the Yakima Valley, but tonnage quickly increases.  23 million boxes are forecast to be shipped from Washington state, which should break the previous record by 3 million cartons….Apricot loadings are close behind starting in mid June, with peak movement occurring the first half of July.

The Evergreen state continues to ship apples and pears from the 2011/12 season, and remains the heaviest volume for produce.  About 1,750 truck load equivalents of apples and pears are being shipped weekly from the Yakima and Wenatchee valleys.

Onions from the Walla Walla Valley should get underway the week of  June 18th.  The Walla Walla onion shipping area is located in Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon.  Primary shippers are located in or near Walla Walla, WA and Hermiston, OR.

Washington apples and pears – grossing about $6000 to Philadelphia.

NOTE:  Apples, pears and apricots can be loaded on the same truck, but oder from the fruit can be absorbed by potatoes, onions and some other items.  Source:  TransFresh “Fresh Produce Mixer & Loading Guide.”