From S. Texas to Colorado, Idaho and Oregon, Check Out these Hauls

From S. Texas to Colorado, Idaho and Oregon, Check Out these Hauls

DSCN1825Today, we’ll take a look at some loading opportunities starting in South Texas before extending up to Colorado and then over to Idaho and Oregon.

South Texas Produce Loads

The Lower Rio Grande Valley of south Texas is becoming more important every year for produce haulers.  It’s not so much the area is growing more fruits and vegetables, as it is farming operations in Mexico, many with investments by people north of the border, who are expanding operations.  Much of that produce is being shipped into the US for distribution throughout the states and Canada.

Everything from Mexican grown carrots to lemons, plum tomatoes, other vegetables and tropical fruits are crossing the border at McAllen is greater volume.  In the Texas valley itself, shippers are gearing up for shipments of grapefruit and oranges, that will start in the next few weeks.

Colorado Produce Shipments

The San Luis Valley is easily providing the biggest volume and loading opportunties, averaging about 500 truck loads of potatoes per week.  In the north and northeastern part of the state, the volume is much lower, but potatoes and onions are providing at least some partial loads.

San Luis Valley potatoes – grossing about $2200 to Houston.

Onion Shipments

The potato harvest in Idaho continues, but there are still about 1,600 truck load equivalents of spuds being shipped each week, although a higher percent is going by rail than in most other produce shipping points around the country….In Malhuer County, Oregon and eastern Idaho, about 750 truck loads of onions from storage are being shipped.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $3100 to Chicago.