A Produce Shipping Update from North and South Carolina…..

A Produce Shipping Update from North and South Carolina…..

DSCN0481Summer produce shipments continue from the Carolinas, but some items are winding down, while others still have a ways to go before seasonally ending.

Southern South Carolina shipments of peaches and watermelons are running later than usual due to the cold, wet spring.  Loadings are expected to continue until around Labor Day.  You”ll still find some mixed vegetables in moderate volume coming out of South Carolina, particularly with shippers just south of the state capital of Columbia.

Peach shipments currently are at a peak in South Carolina and will remain so for a couple of more weeks.  Volume will then decline, but shipments are expected through Labor Day.   Watermelon shipments are on the final leg of the season. 

Georgia peach volume is on the decline, while New Jersey volume is just getting underway and remains light.

While South Carolina watermelon volume is light and on the decline, North Carolina melons are increasing in volume….In the Western region of North Carolina a new season has started with tomatoes, with light to moderate volume….Potato shipments from the Elizabeth City area of North Carolina are on in a seasonal decline.

North Carolina sweet potato shipments are lighter than normal for the old crop that is finishing up.  Loadings for the new sweet crop are still a few weeks away.

North Carolina sweet potatoes – grossing about $1500 to Atlanta.

North Carolina watermelons – about $2300 to New York City.