A Glimpse at Produce Loads Across America

A Glimpse at Produce Loads Across America

152_5260Summer is here and that means opportunities for produce loads are available not only in California, but pretty much coast-to-coast.  Not only the West Coast, but in Idaho, Colorado, and on the East Coast.

East Coast

For example, peach shipments have moved into good volume from the Fort Valley area of Georgia, as well as from South Carolina.  SC shippers are located primarly south of Columbia.

New Jersey is shipping blueberries, and soon there will be mixed veggies and peaches to haul.

Georgia continues to ship Vidalia onions, with the good news being the quality problems early the season are pretty much out of the way.  At the same time, southern Georgia now has good volume with mixed vegetables.  Watermelons are still being shipped from the northern half of Florida, and are now getting started in Georgia.


In Colorado, the San Luis Valley is shipping about 750 truck loads of potatoes a week.  However, the big spud volume, as always is Idaho, where around 1750 truck load equivelants are moving to market each week – although a fair  amount is being loaded onto the rails.


Imports of citrus from Chile, South Africa and Australia will begin arriving at USA ports in early July and provide good volume through August….Mexican avocados should be providing heavy crossings into the USA this summer and into the fall.

California Produce Loads

In California, between the Watstonville district and Santa Maria an estimated 1300 truck loads of strawberries are being shipped weekly.  Add to this, Salinas vegetables and San Joaquin Valley stone fruit, tomatoes, veggies and other items – and they don’t call California  the nation’s bread basket, or is it produce basket, for nothing.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $1500 to L.A.

Salinas Valley produce – about $9000 to Boston.

Colorado spuds – about $1700 to Dallas.

Georgia vegetables – about $3300 to New York City.