Florida Spring Produce Shipments to Hit Stride in April

Florida Spring Produce Shipments to Hit Stride in April

HP0325Florida vegetable shipments are gearing up, but will it be record loading opportunties?  It certainly does not appear likely.

Light volume and later shipments have marked many produce shipments from Florida, but as we progress into spring it is gradually improving.

Following a disappointing winter, grower-shippers are seeing improved supplies as Florida’s vegetable growers transition to the new spring crop. Florida produce shippers are eyeing improved supplies of bell peppers as the Sunshine State transitions to the new spring crop. Unfavorable winter weather has delayed bigger spring volume by a week the first half of March.

However, you can expect a lot more April and May vegetable loadings. This will also be spurred by the fact Mexican vegetable shipments will be finishing earlier than normal due to unusually warm weather. This will increase demand for Florida green beans, cucumbers, bell peppers and cucumbers, which are just starting in very light volume. You can also look for shipments of tomatoes, celery, sweet corn, lettuce, radish, cabbage and watermelon.  Good volume will arrive in early to mid-April. However, some shippers predicting their volume will be down as much as 30 to 40 percent on some items.

While Florida spring vegetable loading opportunties will be good, I’m not expecting it to be great this season.  Few, if any, bumper crops are seen.

Florida blueberry shipments have recently started and are moving into volume.  Peak loading oppportunties will be around the third or fourth week of April.

Florida strawberry shipments from the Plant City area are winding down and should be finished by early April.

Florida produce – grossing about $2800 to Chicago.