From Coast-to-Coast Here are some Produce Loading Opportunities

From Coast-to-Coast Here are some Produce Loading Opportunities

DSCN3219+1Tennessee Produce Shipments, Kentucky Produce Shipments

Looking around the nation, here are a number of active produce shipping areas ranging from Kentucky and Tennessee to Georgia, South Carolina, and California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Although they are a couple of weeks late, shipments of vegetables from Kentucky and Tennessee are underway.

Just want you to know though, most of these loadings are only to regional, if not local markets.  Items range from beans to cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and a few peaches.

Loadings occur at shipping operations in such  Tennessee towns as Lebanon (near Nashville), Crossville (about halfway between Nashville and Knoxville  and Rutledge in Northeastern Tennessee.

California Produce Shipments

California pear shipments from the Sacramento River District are just getting underway this week.  Shipments from Mendocino County will get started around August 4th, followed by Lake County about August 11th.

Total Bartlett pear volume should hit about 2.6 million  cartons, down from 2.9 million a year ago.  About 500,000 cartons of other pear varieties also will be shipped led by the boscs variety.

California Grape Shipments

Table grapes from the Arvin District in the Bakersfield are  picking up in volume as the new season for the San Joaquin Valley heads towards good volume.

Peach Shipments

California’s San Joaquin Valley has been shipping moderate amounts of peaches for a few weeks and is averaging about 425 truckloads per week.

Meanwhile, in the Southeast, peach shipments are building and will hit a peak very soon in Georgia (Fort Valley area), as well as South Carolina (primarily from shippers in an area south of Columbia).

San Joaquin Valley fruit – grossing about $6900 to Atlanta.