Old Potato Crop Shipments are Still Going; Colorado Cantaloupe Loadings

Old Potato Crop Shipments are Still Going; Colorado Cantaloupe Loadings

DSCN3802+1U.S. potato shipments from the old crop are still on going as the new season rapidly approaches.  Plus, Rocky Ford cantaloupe shipments in Colorado are now underway..

Idaho and a number of other potato shipping states are scrambling to unload their old crop in order to get going on shipments for the 2014-15 season. The old crop of potato shipments is expected to continue well into August.  At the same time, depending on the growing and shipping area, the new crop of spuds became available last week. Both Washington and Oregon are expected to have their first potatoes for the new season by early August, while Wisconsin potato shipments will soon follow.  Then you have Idaho russet potatoes being shipped by the week of August 10th. Some red potatoes and other varieties have already started out of Washington state.

Colorado Cantaloupe Shipments

A spring freeze and two major hailstorms will have a significant effect on Colorado’s  Rocky Ford cantaloupe shipments, leaving farmers uncertain over how big their crops will be this year.  One grower is reported to have lost  an estimated 60 acres of the 360 acres of cantaloupes that he planted this spring.  Just how much yields will off set the weather damaged melons, remains to been seen.  Loadings of cantaloupe started last week and will continue into September.  Overall, it is estimated anywhere for 15 to 25 percent of the cantaloupe were lost.  The area also ships honeydew and watermelon, but no reports on these items were available.

Arkansas Valley growers banded together in 2011 to trademark the Rocky Ford cantaloupe name and define its boundaries after melons from Jensen Farms in Holly, 90 miles east of Rocky Ford, were implicated in a listeria outbreale that killed at least 32 people.

Over the past decade, Colorado growers have planted an annual average of 2,000 acres of cantaloupes.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $5500 to New York City.