A Round up of Peak Summer California Produce Shipments

A Round up of Peak Summer California Produce Shipments

DSCN3806+1While peak summer California produce shipments continue, few record shipments are taking place, with the possible exception of table grapes.

Most commodities and are having normal volume, or being slightly off of average shipments. Record California grape shipments occurred last year, totaling 116.2 million boxes of grapes (19-pound equivalent).  This year, shipments are estimated to bet over 116.5 million boxes.  The San Joaquin Valley is  California’s largest grape shipping region, and loadings started earlier than usual.  As of the week ending July 4, shipments were well ahead of the prior year, amounting to six million boxes out of the Coachella Valley and the San Joaquin Valley.   This year, during the same period, 9.2 million boxes were shipped.  The vast majority California grape shipments will take place  after September 1st, when as much as 65 or 70 percent the volume will take place during the fall an into the winter.

The Central San Joaquin Valley also has good, steady volume with peaches (averaging about 425 loads per week) as well as plums and nectarines.   There also are tomatoes, sweet corn and dozens of other vegetables loadings taking place, plus Westside district melons.

Further south in the valley in the Bakersfield area are avocados, with truckloads averaging over 1,000 per week, plus steady movement with carrots.

Moving to the Salinas area, strawberry shipments from Watsonville continue.  Lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and celery lead a wide contingent of other veggies being shipped from the Salinas Valley.  A similar situation exists just to the south in the Santa Maria shipping district, although on a smaller scale.

Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $8300 to New York City.

Central San Joaquin Valley stone fruit and grapes – grossing about $5200 to Chicago.