Wisconsin Spuds Have Started; Texas Citrus Kicks Off in September

Wisconsin Spuds Have Started; Texas Citrus Kicks Off in September

DSCN3871+1Central Wisconsin potato shipments got underway in light volume nearly two weeks ago, while Texas citrus shipments get underway next month.

Wisconsin typically ships up to 30 million cwt. with roughly 45 percent of the crop going to the fresh market. Excellent growing conditions in the Badger State is expected to result in good quality potatoes coming out of storages during the season. That should translate into good arrivals at destination for potato haulers.

There should be good, steady volume for Labor Day deliveries.  Steady shipments are expected to continue through Memorial Day next year and possibly through the Fourth of July — unless, of course, something weatherwise or disease wise happens between now and the completion of the current harvest.

Potatoes from the Stevens Point, WI area – grossing about $1100 to Chicago.

Texas Citrus Shipments

We are still at least six weeks away from shipments of South Texas citrus shipments for the 2014-15 season.  The season typically kicks off in late September and continues into the following May.

Last season, the Lower Rio Grande Valley had about 5 million cartons of grapefruit and about 3 million cartons of oranges shipped.

One change this seaon is the USDA has a new rule allowing smaller sizes of Texas grapefruit and oranges shipped. The size decreased from 2 6/16 inches (which is size 138 fruit per carton) to 2 3/16 inches in diameter (163 fruits per carton).

Mexican citrus, fruit and vegetables crossing through McAllen, Tx – grossing about $2600 to Chicago.