Trucks Remain in Short Supply for NW Produce Shipping Areas

Trucks Remain in Short Supply for NW Produce Shipping Areas

DSCN4898Here is a round up on the best produce loading opportunities in the great Northwest, particularly for hauling potatoes, onions, pears and apples.  Trucks are said to be in short supply in all the shipping areas reported below.

Idaho Potato Shipments

The largest vegetable volume in the country is with Idaho potatoes.  It is another very large russet crop, averaging about 2,000 truck load equivalents being shipped weekly.  The primary Idaho shipping areas are around Twin Falls, Caldwell, Pocatello and Idaho Falls.

Colorado Potato Shipments

Okay, Colorado isn’t exactly the Northwest, but it is providing the second largest amount of potato shipments in the country.  The Rocky Mountain state is averaging over 1,125 truck loads weekly, mostly out of the San Luis Valley.

Washington, Oregon Produce Shipments

One of the most active produce shipping areas in the  west this time of year is the Columbia Basin in Washington state that is adjacent to the Umatilla Basin, in Oregon.  Those areas combined are shipping around 800 truck loads of potatoes and about 500 truck loads of onions on a weekly basis.

Northwest Pears

Last season Northwest pear shipments set a record.  This year is another big crop, although it is 2 percent below the 2013-14 season.  Shipments are reported to be ahead of this time last year.  Loadings should be available well into the first quarter of 2015.  Most volume originates from the Yakima and Wenatchee valleys in Washington state and are averaging about 500 truck loads per week.

Pears are very compatible for mixing with apples loads.  Washington apple shipments are expected to easily set an all time record this season (see yesterday’s report).

Washington state apples and pears – grossing about $8500 to Boston.

San Luis Valley potatoes – grossing about $3600 to Orlando.

Columbia Basin/Umatilla Basin potatoes – grossing about $4100 to Detroit.

Twin Falls, ID potatoes – grossing about $4700 to Atlanta.