Florida Produce Shipments, Texas Citrus Unaffected by Recent Cold

Florida Produce Shipments, Texas Citrus Unaffected by Recent Cold

DSCN2868Produce crops and shipments dodged another potentially winter killing weather system in early January that produced record lows throughout the Midwest and East.  Following close scrunty of fresh produce items being grown in both Florida and Texas, it looks like things are okay, with items coming out of it unscathed.

Strawberries in the Plant City, FL area, just west of Tampa had mostly trouble with too warm weather this winter until the early January winter blast.  This time of year, the relatively small area of Florida is the biggest volume shipper of strawberries.

Floridas tomatoes  in winter also  provide a signiticant amount of loading opportunties.  The state also has light volume with a number of other mixed vegetables, plus cirus, all of which escapted unharmed.


It was a similar story in the Lone Star State.  In South Texas, some citrus-growing areas dropped to near 32 degress F., but growers really don’t worry about freezing until it’s 28 degrees F. or lower and then the temperatures need to stay there for awhile.

The cold weather is reported to actually help the Texas citrus crop, since after a mild 2012-13 winter,  Asian citrus psyllids and other pests don’t thrive as much when it’s cold.  As a result Texas citrus shipments should remain steady and on course.