Expansion of Mariposa Port is Speeding Imports Through Nogales

Expansion of Mariposa Port is Speeding Imports Through Nogales

039An expansion project at the Mariposa Port, where Mexican grown produce enters Nogales, AZ is expected to be completed by August, but is already drawing praise from those who use it.  Nogales produce shipments  of Mexican product are huge.

Construction began three years ago and has been done in phases to avoid disrupting traffic at the heavily used port of entry.  Up to 75 percent of Mexico’s imported produce goes through the Mariposa Port and Nogales during the winter months, including about 1,400 trucks per day.  The final phase of the construction project is cold storage facilities adjacent to the truck docks.  These docks also have been expanded where product can be unloaded for inspection, and placed in the cold storages, if necessary.

Produce ranks third in value of products crossing the border at Mariposa, behind vehicles/vechicle parts, electronics/machinery.  With the expansion the port has grown from 43 to 57 acres.

The facility now has eight lanes for inbound commercial trucks from Mexico, up from four lanes.  Exit lanes for northbound trucks has been increased from two to five exits.  The improvements have been made to decrease wait times at the border and to speed deliveries.

After the trucks clear inspections, two percent of the total volume is randomly selected for agricultural inspections.