Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Shipments Continue to Increase

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Shipments Continue to Increase

HpgreenhouseTsGreenhouse growing of vegetables continues to increase whether it is in Mexico, the U.S., or in this case Ontario.  It’s popularity is rising, not only because weather conditions can be controlled, but the product itself is ususally better tasting, especially with something like tomatoes.  Ontario does have loading opportunities for produce haulers, although we are not normally talking in truck load quantities.

Most of the Ontario greenhouse vegetables are located along the northern shores of Lake Erie, including the towns of Leamington and Kingsville.  The reason is this area receives more sunshine than anywhere else in Canada.

The leading green house vegetables are tomatoes, English cucumbers and peppers.  This year it is estimated Ontario will ship 448 million pounds of tomatoes, an increase of nearly 18 percent over last year.  There should be 250 million pounds of English cucumbers (nearly 23 percent more) and 170 million pounds of peppers, up nearly 31 percent.

There also is much smaller volume with eggplant and specialty peppers and specialty tomatoes.

About 70 percent of the Ontario greenhouse veggies are shipped to the U.S.

While the cukes, peppers, and egglant are compatible for loading together in a truck, the tomatoes are not a good fit.  That’s too bad since volume wise at any one time, greenhouse tonnage is relatively low, even though it continues to increase.

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