It’s Christmas Time, I’m Coming Home

It’s Christmas Time, I’m Coming Home

DSCN4759One of my favorite Christmas gifts as a kid was an electric football game.  It was simply a metal (not plastic) green colored field with all the stripes, yard markers etc.  Each team had its plastic players with the down linemen, receivers, backs, etc.  One team was red, the other was white.  You lined the defense and offense up and flipped the switch, which vibrated the field making the players move.

Today, I suppose my old football game would be like comparing a 78 rpm vinyl record to an ipod, or a trailer with block ice for refrigeration versus today’s computerized reefers units.

Many fond memories remain of my youth; the holidays with Mom and Dad, and other relatives, who are no longer with us.  Then you become the Dad, and the grandpa.

There is so much to be thankful for anytime of the year, but at Christmas, reminders are so prevelent.

The only gifts I really want anymore, I already have – a loving family – and some close friends.  There will be a donation to the John 3:16 Mission, and a helping hand to a family is less fortunate.

I remain so thankful for the men and women who serve and have served our nation – and their scarifices.   I still consider America the greatest place on earth to live and am thankful for freedom we have here.

To those in trucking, no private industry provides a more important service to our country.  It requires experise, professionalism and hard work, delivering to Americans virutally everything found in our homes.

I’ll close by providing you with part of the lyrics to a wonderful Christmas song you probably never  heard by musician Don White from Tulsa, OK.  I have also posted the video of Don performing the song below .  God Bless, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas. — Bill Martin


Far away, I’m feeling so lonely

Hi Mom, just calling to say

This year I’m coming home

I know I won’t forget

the reason we celebrate the season

But it’s Christmas

I’m coming home