A Shipping Update on MI Apples and Red River Valley Spuds

A Shipping Update on MI Apples and Red River Valley Spuds

DSCN4388Loading opportunities for Michigan apples this season, as well as Red River Valley potatoes, were expected to be good.  However, more shipments than originally thought, should occur from both shipping areas.

Michigan apple shipments two years ago were the worst on record because of an early freeze.  However, in the fall of 2013, it was the best crop on record.  This season, shipments were expected to be good, but are turning out even better.

The Michigan apple crop now stands at 25 million bushels, about three million more than originally predicted.  The state is now averaging about 300 truck loads per week.  Michigan is the third-largest apple producer, behind New York and Washington state.

Michigan apple shipments – grossing about $3200 to Oklahoma City.

Red River Valley

Trucks remain in short suppply for RRV potatoes.

There should more Red River Valley potato shipments this season for red potatoes than originally thought, primarily due to better yields in North Dakota.  The average potato yield in the state jumped 25 hundredweight (cwt.) per acre compared to last year, to a record 315, which shattered the 300 cwt. per acre record set in 2012.   The expected higher shipments come despite the harvested acres estimate dropping from 86,000 in June to 79,000 in November; a plunge of 8 percent. Despite the big drop in harvested acres, the 2014 crop still topped the 2013 crop by 1.7 million cwt. (7 percent), producing a 24.3 million cwt. crop.

 Minnesota’s Red River Valley portion also has fewer acres, but like North Dakota, had higher yields, 400 cwt. per acre.  Minnesota’s June acreage estimate was 49,000 acres, but the November 1 estimate came in at 42,000 acres, a 14.3 percent drop.
Red River Valley red potatoes – grossing about $2000 to Chicago.