Michigan Vegetable Shipments Should Have Good Volume in July

Michigan Vegetable Shipments Should Have Good Volume in July

DSCN3926You know summer has arrived when Michigan vegetable shipments finally start picking up, mostly from the western part of the state.

Within the past few days, light volume has gotten underway with squash, cucumbers, grape tomatoes.  These items should have good volume from July through September.  Cabbage loadings also have started and will continue into mid November.

Shortly after the Fourth of July, look for blueberry shipments to get started.  Leafy greens and radishes also get underway in early July.  By mid July you’ll find loadings of celery and carrots.

Around the third week of July, sweet corn shipments start.  Peak volume will be the month of August but shipments tailing off after Labor Day.  Late July also means roma tomatoes are available, with round tomatoes coming on about August 1st.

Michigan apple shipments from the large 2103-14 crop are still ongoing, but a seasonal decline is underway with loadings now less than 100 truckloads per week.

The Wolverine state produces the second most diverse crop of agricultural products (after California) , including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Michigan apples – grossing about $2500 to Atlanta.