Holiday Shipping Preview is Here for berries, Sweet Potatoes, Nogales Veggies

Holiday Shipping Preview is Here for berries, Sweet Potatoes, Nogales Veggies

DSCN4482Here’s a shipping round up for deliveries in time for Thanksgiving, ranging from various shipping areas handling everything from strawberries to sweet potatoes, melons and veggies.

Strawberry Shipments from CA, FL, and Mexico

California is shipping about 2 million trays of strawberries per week, primarily out of Ventura County.  However, this is expected to decline over the next few weeks.

Early October hot weather and cooler weather in November are two factors blamed for reducing California strawberry shipments.  However, by December, Southern California, Florida and Mexico will be ramping up for holiday shipments including Christmas and New Year’s.

Mexican strawberry shipments are now moving into good volume.  Florida berries should hit decent volume by the week of November 24th and hit heavy loadings by mid December.

Oxnard, CA strawberry shipments – grossing about $7000 to Boston.

Sweet Potato Shipments

Four states ship the vast majority of the nation’s sweet potatoes.  However, North Carolina is shipping as many as Mississippi, Louisiana and California (Atwood/Livingston district) combined.  However, volume from all of these states are increasing as we approach Thanksgiving.  North Carolina is averaging around 250 truck loads per week.

Eastern North Carolina sweet potatoes – grossing about $3000 to Chicago.

Nogales Produce Shipments

While Nogales, AZ will not hit peak produce shipments with product from Mexico until the end of the year, or January, decent supplies are currently available on some items.  Watermelons are averaging about 625 truck loads weekly, with honeydew being about one-half this volume.  A number vegetables ranging from various types of peppers to zuchnni and butternut squash are available in light volume, but seasonally increasing.

Unfortunately, there are too many mixed loads this time of year, due to limited volume.  It’s not uncommon for produce haulers to start out in Central or Southern California and making several pick ups before filling out the truck in Nogales.

Mexican melons and vegetables through Nogales – grossing about $6000 to New York City.