Plenty of Potato Shipments Continue from the US and Canada

Plenty of Potato Shipments Continue from the US and Canada

HPspudsTotal potato loadings from U.S. shipping areas are expected to be down five percent for the 2013-14 shipping season, but spud haulers shouldn’t really notice a difference, since it is such a large crop.  A similar sitution exists with Canadian potato shipments.

Overall, the two countries combined means there are only three percent fewer potatoes for loading in North America.  The total is still a huge 501 million cwt. (per hundred weight).

Of that amount, about 398 million cwt. of  the potatoes will be shipped from U.S. production areas than the previous season, according to USDA statistics.  Canada will provide about 103 million cwt. of loads, two percent more than the previous year.

The U.S. had about 942,000 acres of potatoes planted, down from about 1 million acres the year before.  However, yields rose from 423 cwt to 427 cwt per acre.   Acreage also was down in Canada but yields were up significantly, rising from 274 cwt to 292 cwt per acre.

Here’s a glimpse at a few of the major potato shipping states.

Idaho Potato Shipments –  The state ships a lot of spuds by rail, but trucks still transport the majority of the loads.  Most pick ups orginate from the Upper Valley and the Twin Falls – Burley District.  Idaho is averaging around 1,650 truckload equivalents of potatoes being loaded each week.

You should gross about $4350 to Atlanta.

Colorado Potato Shipments – The San Luis Valley is averaging nearly 700 truck loads of potatoes per week.

You should gross about $4100 to New York City.

Wisconsin Potato Shipments – Most loads are originating from shippers within a 50 mile radius or so of Stevens Point in the Central part of the state.

You should gross around  $1400 to Cleveland.

Washington Potato Shipments

Spud loadings are originating out of the Columbia Basin and just across the state line in Oregon’s Umatilla Basin.  There’s about 325 loads of potatoes a week soming out of here.  They are also shipping even more onions than spuds – about 800 loads a week.

You should gross about $3000 to Chicago.