3rd Largest Washington Apple Shipments are Forecast

3rd Largest Washington Apple Shipments are Forecast

IMG_6491+1The third largest apple shipping season on record is forecast for the 2015-16 out of Washington state.

Virtually all shipments, which will originate out of the Yakima and Wenatchee Valleys, are pegged at 125.2 million cartons, compared to the record 140-million-carton 2014-15 fresh crop.  The new season forecast for shipments, if holds true, would be just below the 128.3 million cartons shipped in 2012-13.

The harvest this season, due to hot weather, got underway a week or more early with galas, which started August 6th.   Apple haulers will be loading a rising amount  of gala and Honeycrisp, but will see declines in red and golden delicious compared with the past three seasons.  10 million fewer cartons of red delicious are expected to be shipped this season, compared to a year ago.

Some Washington state growers have removed red and golden delicious trees and planted Honeycrisp and other varieties.

Red delicious apples now account for 25 percent of the crop, followed by gala with 23 percent,  fuji at 13.7 percent, granny smith at 13 percent and 7 percent for Honeycrisp.

Honeycrisp has passed golden delicious in expected fresh shipments.  Observers expect Honeycrisp production — near 9 million fresh cartons now — to continue to climb.

Yakima Valley apple shipments – grossing about $4700 to Dallas; $6500 to New York City.