NC Sweet Potato Shipments Take a Hit; GA Veggie Update

NC Sweet Potato Shipments Take a Hit; GA Veggie Update

NDSCN3600+1orth Carolina sweet potato shipments all of a sudden are not looking nearly as good this season, while fall vegetables soon will transition from Georgia to Florida.

While North Carolina may have dodged the proverbial weather bullet that clobbered South Carolina, the Tar Heel state still got hit pretty good.  From a produce trucking standpoint, the biggest change will be with opportunities for hauling North Carolina sweet potatoes.   The state’s leading produce item had fields hit with rains for two weeks.  Then they have to wait for fields to dry to continue harvesting.   Meanwhile, farmers are fighting the clock when the first hard freeze will end diggings.   Bottom line –  No specifics yet, but undoubtedly there’s going to be substantial losses in North Carolina sweet potato shipments for the 2015-16 season.  This means reduced yields and quality problems….There’s currently a mixture of the old and new crop being shipped, averaging only about 200 truck loads per week.  We’ll provide more info as it becomes available.

Eastern North Carolina sweet potato shipments – grossing about $2500 to New York City.

Georgia Vegetable Shipments

Blessed with sandy soil in much of Georgia, it helps absorb excessive rains that occurred recently with Hurricane Joaquin.  Items such as cucumbers and squash are being shipped in light volume, but will be declining as we approach November.   There are a number of Florida vegetable shipments that will start increasing with Georgia’s decline.  Still, we’re talking pick ups in terms of pallets, not truck loads.