California Cherry Shipments Could Double Last Year

California Cherry Shipments Could Double Last Year

DSCN1828+1California cherries should provide much better loading opportunities than a year ago.

In 2014 only 3 million 18-pound boxes were shipped.  However, this season volumes could reach 6 million to 7 million boxes.  Compared to the near crop failure a year ago, 2015 looks a lot better, but cherry shipments will not be huge.

South of Stockton, cherry shipments should start in Bakersfield, Arvin and Shafter with the brooks variety around April 25th.  The main variety, bings, should hit peak loadings May 24th to June 4th.

Barring hail damage and other adverse weather, California cherry shipment could hit  7 million packages with a stretched out season from April 20th to June 10th.

Mainly because of another warm winter and lack of chill hours, Kern County has some orchards that are very challenged to set a crop.  Particularly the tulare variety looks very light in tonnage just out of the Bakersfield area. Brooks and coral champagne look better for tonnage, but there are a fair amount of doubles and spurs based on last summer’s excessive heat.

Last year’s bloom was bizarre, especially in Stockton.  The pollinization timing was off, the top of the tree bloomed after the bottom. It was completely out of whack, but this year’s bloom is much more compact and uniform.

While waiting on cherry shipments to begin, here’s a couple of other more active areas for California produce shipments.

Huron head lettuce, romaine and leaf – grossing about $7200 to New York City.

Ventura County berries and vegetables – grossing about $4500 Chicago.