Western Shipments: From B.C. to California and Texas, New Mexico

Western Shipments:  From B.C. to California and Texas, New Mexico

IMG_5966Here’s a quick look at Western produce shipments, starting in British Columbia, extending down to California and wrapping up in West Texas and New Mexico.

While Washington state cherry shipments are in a seasonal decline, loadings from British Columbia are picking up.

British Columbia certainly is no Washington state when it comes to volume, but the Canadians do provide decent loadings for about a four to six-week period every year.  Shipments from an area ranging from Kelowna to Creston are underway with about 100,000 cases already shipped.  There is an estimated 500,000 additional boxes to be shipped.  The season is expected to last through the third week of August.

California Produce Shipments

Stone fruit shipments continue steady from week to week out of the San Joaquin Valley, led by peaches….From the valley’s Westside district various melons are being loaded, led by cantaloupe, averaging about a 1000 loads per week….Moving to the Watsonville district movement continues steady with strawberries, averaging around 875 truck loads weekly. California produce rates continue to decline, some by as much 15 percent in the past week.

Watsonville berries and Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $6500 to New York City.

San Joaquin Valley stone fruit, melons and other items – grossing about $4300 Dallas.

Texas/New Mexico Produce Shipments

In West Texas, the Hereford High Plains area has light, but increasing volume with potatoes, with some shippers also in Eastern New Mexico.  Southern New Mexico also continues to ship onions.