Cargo Data Introduces Chart-View Reusable Temperature Recorders

CargoDataBy Cargo Data

Cargo Data is pleased to announce its new Boomerang 2 chart-view reusable temperature recorders. These versatile instruments provide a full temperature chart view without the need to connect the instrument to a computer or reader.

  • Great for Food Safety/QA audits–or routine monitoring
  • Boomerang 2 instruments can be used to monitor cold storage warehouses, moving trucks/trailers, ocean containers, or any other temperature controlled space.
  • Boomerang 2 has a large internal memory which saves data from multiple monitoring sessions.
  • All temperature data can be viewed, saved, and printed using Cargo Data’s free KoldLink software. Simple micro-usb connectivity.
  • User can configure run time, sampling intervals, ranges, and optional audible locating beeper.
  • User replaceable battery provides 6 months of continuous monitoring.
  • Boomerang 2 supports use of external sensors and probes


For complete information about Boomerang  2 temperature recorders call 800-338-8134 or email .