Shipping Update: Texas Citrus, Chilean Imports and Domestic Apples

Shipping Update: Texas Citrus, Chilean Imports and Domestic Apples
024Texas grapefruit shipments will increase significantly this season; Chilean grape imports are coming soon; while domestic apple loadings will be down in double digits.
Texas grapefruit shipments account for about 75 percent of Texas’ citrus production, with oranges comprising most of the rest.  Last season, Texas shipped 452,000 cartons, which is expected to increase to 580,000 in 2015-16.  Unlike recent years, when the drought in the Lower Rio Grande Valley adversely affected production, this year there has been an abundance of rain.
Lower Rio Grande Valley citrus and imported Mexican mixed veggies, fruit and tomatoes – grossing about $2600 to Chicago.
Chilean Fruit Imports
As the Chilean summer fruit season gets underway, table grapes once again will be the leading commodity imported by the U.S.  Last year, Chile shipped 356,691 tons of grapes to the U.S.
Last year, Chilean growers shipped 356,691 tons of grapes to the U.S.  First arrivals to the U.S. will come in mid December, but significant volume will not happen until the New Year.
Apple Shipments
Washington’s apple shipments are declining in volume and the amount of  apples in storage nationwide are also down.  Washington’s fresh crop is now estimated at 116.2 million, 40-pound boxes, down about 1.5 percent from a month ago and about 18 percent from the final 2014 record season of 141.8 million boxes.
Yakima and Wenatchee Valley apple shippers have sold 19.6 million boxes of apples compared with 23.6 million a year ago and that leaves 96.6 million boxes to sell throughout the year.  This  compares to 118.2 million a year ago.
Nationally, there are 117.3 million, 42-pound boxes in storage, a 19 percent decrease from record inventories a year ago.
Michigan  apple shipments – $3200 to Dallas.
Washington apple shipments – grossing about $4550 to Chicago.