Georgia Greens Shipments Hit; FL Citrus Shipping Update

Georgia Greens Shipments Hit;  FL Citrus Shipping Update

DSCN3571+1An early January freeze has hampered harvest and reduced shipments of Southern Georgia greens.  Also, here’s an update on Florida citrus shipments.

Georgia Produce Shipments

Greens in Georgia were damaged by freezes the week of January 4th, with temperatures in the Norman Park shipping region hitting the low 20s.  By the week of January 11th, shipments had taken a hard hit.  One grower/shipper was  picking just 2,000 to 4,000 boxes of greens a day, down from the seasonal norm of 8,000 to 10,000.  Some operators were affected more than others.

Harvest was taking much longer because instead of picking greens by the bunch, workers were picking leaf by leaf, sorting out undamaged from damaged product.  Georgia greens shipments should be back to normal around January 24 – 28.

South Georgia greens and cabbage – grossing about $3000 to New York City.

The cold weather didn’t reach down to Florida, and damage greens there.

Florida Citrus Shipments

Florida orange shipments continue to decline.

On January 12, the USDA forecast midseason and late season orange production declined 5 percent from the December 10th report and fell 2 percent from the previous season.

Grapefruit and tangerine production remained unchanged.

In the newest report, the USDA forecast Florida non-valencia oranges, which include early, midseason, navel and temple varieties, to decline 4 million equivalent cartons to 48 million cartons and valencias to fall 1 million cartons to 55 million cartons.

Navel production remains unchanged at 1.5 million cartons.

On grapefruit, total production is forecast at 15 million cartons and tangerines are forecast at 2.5 million cartons.

Overall, Florida growers are forecast to harvest 121.3 million equivalent cartons of citrus, down from last season’s 124 million cartons and considerably lower than the 169 million carton 2009-13 average.

While about 96 percent of the state’s oranges ship to processed channels, 65 percent of its navels, 63 percent of its tangerines, 40 percent of its grapefruit and about 10 percent of its overall citrus ship fresh.

Florida citrus shipments – grossing about $2300 to Chicago.