Blueberry Shipments from Michigan and New Jersey

Blueberry Shipments from Michigan and New Jersey

DSCN3903Michigan blueberry shipments will be down this season, but it’s a matter of how much.  In New Jersey, blueberry shipments should be similar to a year ago.

Two bitterly cold winters back-to-back hit blueberry bushes in Michigan, causing “winter kill” that will reduce shipments for the 2015 season.

The severity of damage varies widely, though, with some growers saying the crop will be “slightly smaller” and others saying some varieties in some areas will be down 50 percent.  Still, decent volume is being predicted for Michigan blueberries starting the second week of July with strong shipments through the end of August and possibly into September.

Michigan apples and vegetables – grossing about $900 to Chicago.

New Jersey Blueberry Shipments

New Jersey blueberry shipments got underway about a week ago and are now moving into good volumes.  In 2014, the USDA National Agricultural Statistics service showed New Jersey growers produced more than 57.8 million pounds of blueberries on approximately 8,800 acres.  New Jersey currently ranks fifth in national production.  Early indications show that New Jersey is on track to match, if not exceed, 2014 totals.