Loading Opportunities for East Coast Peaches

Loading Opportunities for East Coast Peaches

DSCN4527Peach shipments are past their peak in Georgia, while increasing in volume from South Carolina.  New Jersey peach loadings will get underway soon.

Georgia peach shipments from the Fort Valley are now in the last half of the season.  Weather factors earlier in the year are going to result in only about a 60 percent crop over all.  For example, Lane Southern Orchards, the state’s largest peach shipper, expects to ship about 475,000 25-pound half bushel cartons this season, compared to 750,000 bushels a year ago.  Lane should be shipping into the last half August.

Georgia is moving about 100 truck loads of peaches per week.

Georgia peach shipments – grossing about $3400 to Boston.

South Carolina Peach Shipments

Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, SC expects to ship its highest volume of fruit from mid July through August, while winding down the season in early September.  Titan is believed to be South Carolina’s largest peach shipper.

South Carolina is loading about 200 truck loads of peaches weekly, with volume still increasing.

South Carolina peaches – grossing about $3100 to New York City.

New Jersey Peach Shipments

New Jersey peach shipments are expected to be good this season when it kicks off in late July.  We’ll have more details soon.