P.E.I installs metal detectors; Update on U.S. Spud Shipments

P.E.I installs metal detectors; Update on U.S. Spud Shipments

IMG_6510+1Prince Edward Island potato shippers have installed metal detectors in their warehouses after steel needles and other sharp objects were found in their potatoes….Plus, a shipping update from leading U.S. potato shipping states.

 Luckily, last year none of the potatoes that they exported had any foreign objects in them, but they are not taking any risks this year. These metal detectors cost $50,000 each. The provincial and federal governments are helping the farmers with some funding, however this is an extra expense that they didn’t have in previous years.

The industry and the government were offering $500,000 reward for any tip-offs regarding the potato tampering, but the money was never claimed.

Light shipments of potatoes continue from New Brunswick province, with most coming from P.E.I.

U.S. Potato Shipments

The three leading U.S. states for potato shipments continue to have steady movement.

Idaho, as usual, easily leads the pack in shipments with an average of about 1500 truckload equivalents of mostly russets per week….The second heaviest volume is originating out of Colorado’s San Luis Valley, averaging about 750 truck loads weekly.  Finally, there is Central Wisconsin that is moving around 500 truck loads each week.

Wisconsin potato shipments averaging about $2200 to San Antonio.

Colorado potato shipments averaging about  $2500 to Chicago.

Idaho potato shipments averaging about $5500 to New York City.