Dozens of Produce Items are Being Shipped Out of South Texas

Dozens of Produce Items are Being Shipped Out of South Texas

DSCN5088Here’s a glimpse of produce shipments from Mexico crossing the border at McAllen, Tx, plus some domestic items coming out of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Sweet onion shipments from Mexico and Texas are expected to start later than normal this year.  By contrast, in the Northwest storage onion shipments could last longer than normal simply because there is such a big volume.

Mexican sweet onions shipments are expected to start crossing the border into South Texas in good volume by the middle of March, which would be three to four weeks later than normal.  South Texas sweet onions also are behind schedule and should get underway around mid to late March…..Meanwhile, imports of sweet onions from Peru are expected to wrap up by the end of February.

Meanwhile, there’s dozens of other items crossing the border from Mexico into the Lower Rio Grand Valley.  Mexican avocado shipments are averaging over 500 truck loads per week.  There also are lesser amounts of produce shipments ranging from Mexican strawberries and limes to tropical fruits and vegetables.

While much of the Texas produce growing over the past couple of decades has shifted to south of the border, South Texas growing operations are still in business.

Texas grapefruit shipments are averaging around 200 trucks loads weekly, with Texas oranges amounting to roughly one-half this amount…..The Lower Rio Grande Valley, as well as the Winter Garden District, which is closer to San Antonio, are shipping cabbage in light, but increasing volume.

South Texas produce shipments – grossing about $2800 to Chicago and $4700 to New York City.