Michigan, New York Produce Shipments are Gearing Up

Michigan, New York Produce Shipments are Gearing Up

DSCN5896Good volume is shaping for summer produce shipments out of both Michigan and New York state.

Michigan Produce Shipments

Blueberry shipments out of Michigan get underway around the 4th of July, with celery loadings coming the following week.  Cucumbers get started around July 10th, with peppers getting underway the third week of July.  Look for Michigan sweet corn shipmetns about July 20.

Yellow squash and zucchini  have just started.

Michigan’s asparagus movement ended about 10 days ago.  The state harvested an average crop of 9,500 acres of asparagus, of which about half this volume went to the fresh market.

As much as two-thirds of Michigan’s carrot shipments goes to the processing market. The fresh market harvest is set to begin in September, with shipments running into January. Michigan carrots are planted by seed and the 2015 crop was in the ground by mid-June.

Michigan onion shipments will start in mid-September.

New York Produce Shipments

Coming soon will be dozens of different vegetables.  Summer squash loadings have started and many others  such as potatoes get underway with the arrival of July.

Apples are perhaps New York state’s biggest crops.  A good shipping season that starts the last half of August is expected.

Light to moderate volume of old crop apples still shipping – Hudson Valley apples grossing about $2000 to Atlanta.