WA Apple Shipments, Chilean Citrus Import Wrap Up

WA Apple Shipments, Chilean Citrus Import Wrap Up

001There have been nearly 19.6 million boxes of the 2015-16 crop of Washington apples shipped as of November 1st.   This represents 16.5 percent of the projected 118.4 million boxes of fruit harvested.  Meanwhile, Chilean citrus imports continue to grow.

The amount shipped thus far at this time a year ago is more than the 15.5 percent shipped at this point on the 2013 crop, which was of a similar size of 115 million boxes.  The harvest of the 2015-16 apple crop began earlier this year and progressed quickly.  The Washington apple shipping estimate is likely to change as growers get a firmer handle on the total crop size.

Washington apple shipments – grossing about $6800 to New York City.

Chilean Citrus Imports

Chile shipped nearly 204,000 tons of Navels, lemons and easy peelers (clementines and Mandarins) globally, with 165,000 tons, or 81 percent, coming to the United States and Canada between May and October 2015.

Total citrus exports from Chile climbed 30 percent over the previous season. Concerning global Chilean citrus exports, easy peelers represented 37 percent, oranges 33 percent and lemons 30 percent. The largest increase in terms of shipping volumes vs. last season corresponded to late Mandarins (57 percent), followed by lemons (43 percent), oranges (18 percent) and then clementines (11 percent).

The most impressive growth was with Mandarins, as North America volume skyrocketed to 42,124 tons from 27,354 tons — an increase of 54 percent.

Observers foresee 20 percent annual growth in combined volume of clementines and Mandarins for at least the next three years, so total volume will soon exceed 100,000 tons.